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2nd-Sep-2010 01:51 am - [coloring post]

I can't believe my last post was in December ! I had almost forgotten how to use livejournal xD There are 2 BL pictures, but there is nothing more than a kiss. (In case if somebody were really allergic to BL...).

Preview : letter bee - Niche/Lag min X - Hinoto min

Avant que la vie reprenne son cours...Collapse )
5th-Dec-2009 12:14 am - [colos]
Maybe I should have posted the colorizations before the icons ? (I was too lazy to upload them back then xD)

Preview : Photobucket Photobucket

Les flocons s'éparpillent sur le sol...Collapse )

Resources added : likewonderland piemin rhcp_csi

[EDIT] Photobucket reduced the size of my image, so I reuploaded them on Imageshack. Please check that you got the right pictures...
Does anyone know a solution to keep the original size on photobucket ?


29th-Nov-2009 09:24 pm - [icons]Finally !

These icons have been waiting for so long in my computer ! x_x

Most of them were made with a tablet. I got one after graduating from high school this summer, but it seems that my colouring skills didn't improved xD (it's really a time-saving tool, though).
♣ 15 Loveless
♣ 15 Nabari no Ou
♣ 5 Kobato
♣ 10 Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
♣ 5 XXX Holic
♣ 5 X/1999
♣ 5 Misc.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
En attendant que les fleurs s'épanouissent...Collapse )
4th-May-2009 12:59 pm - [icons] Second set x39
Sorry, I should have posted these a long time ago... but I was so busy with school >_<
♣ 13 Tsubasa RC & xxxHolic
♣ 4 Code geass
♣ 7 Kuroshitsuji (/ Black Butler)
♣ 5 Nabari no Ou
♣ 5 Simoun
♣ 5 Hakushaku to yousei(/Earl and Fairy)

~Suis-moi dans les abysses de mes rêves~Collapse )
22nd-Feb-2009 10:53 am - Manga colorings
I'm also putting manga colorings I made a long time ago... that's pretty creepy ^^;

Preview :
TRC! Ashura Kurogane Kobato

12th-Feb-2009 09:00 pm - [Icons] Dobato x31
This is my first icon batch ever ^^

Preview :   

Follow the cutCollapse )

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